RESAMA attends the Stakeholder Meeting of the Task Force on Displacement

RESAMA’s researcher Diogo Andreola Serraglio participated in the Stakeholder Meeting of the Task Force on Displacement on “Recommendations for integrated approaches to avert, minimize and address displacement related to the adverse impacts of climate change”. The event took place in Bogis-Bossey, Switzerland, organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) together with the Platform for Disaster Displacement (PDD), with financial support from Germany.
Foto - Evento 01.jpg
The meeting involved members of the Executive Committee and many regional organizations, with the main objective of taking stock of the progress made so far by the different areas of the Task Force’s work plan. It was also an opportunity to present and discuss the preliminary report with the recommendations that will be delivered at the next Conference of the Parties (COP24), to be held in Poland in December 2018.

Author: RESAMA

Rede Sul-Americana para as Migrações Ambientais Red Sudamericana para las Migraciones Ambientales South American Network for Environmental Migrations

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